Bernie Sanders Painting raffle ticket

$ 10.00

Hi everyone! The other night Jeremiah Allen Welch and I painted this portrait of @berniesanders! In true Bernie fashion we thought if everyone donated a little in the form of raffling we could get a bunch of money and donate to his campaign!

So, not only will you be helping him out in a big way, but you could also win this awesome 16x20 original painting from us! So it’s a win win!

Also, we will donate 100% of the profits to his campaign!  We were so happy to see him win California thanks to everyone that voted, but want to make sure he has a good of chance of actually winning the whole thing and beating Trump! So even if you’ve already voted it’s still helping! Making sure we did everything we could in our power to see he makes it through is very important to us so please help us and help him if anything he says resonated with you.  

Thanks for participating

Sofia K Venegas